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Intelligence of Electrical Motion System

28th June 2018, Thursday
Organized by Prof Guoqin Xu, Shanghai University, China

10:00 Cyber-physical System(CPS)of Electrical Motion Control System

Guoqin Xu, Shanghai University, China

Combined with internet and big data,By mutually strengthening and converging technological advancements in sensing, learning, control and optimization,Electrical motion systems capable of cyber computation can improve efficiency and safety of system.The report will discuss cyber-physical system and key technologies in the field of electric vehicles and robots. The research process of CPS perception method and technology, CPS control structure combined with internet and big data, equipment maintance services and optimized operation and other technologies are the most important parts to be discussed in the presentation
10:25 Operational reliability technique for power electronic converter systems

Dawei  Xiang, Tongji University, China

The predication and management of operational reliability are important for the power electronics in motion control systems. On the basis of understanding the failure mechanisms of power device, this report will analyze the relationship between the device junction temperature, failure and health status. Then, the recent progress in the failure prognosis, junction temperature monitoring, and lifetime extension control for power electronic converter systems will be discussed with examples.
11:05 The overview of electrical drive system for electrical vehicle oriented to safety and energy saving

Wei  Cheng, SAIC Motor, China

With the development of application requirements for EV and big data, this report presents the control and management system architecture of electrical drive system for EV, focusing on the research progress of function safety, reliability and status monitor, optimized operation of electrical drive system.
Intelligence of Industrial Drive System

Yuesheng Hu, Danfoss, China

With the continuous development of industrial electrical drive system application, the system working environment, load’s time-varying and complexity bring new challenges to the reliability, safety and stability control of transmission system. The report focuses on the analysis of the new factors that affect the reliability and stability of transmission system, putting forward the solution using intelligent technology. The key parameters estimation of system load characteristics, transmission parts fault condition monitoring, stability control strategy of complex operation environment are discussed.