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Intelligent Power Modules and Integrated Devices

Tuesday Morning, 26 June 2018
Chairperson: Dr. Gourab Majumdar, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan

10:00 RC-IGBT Based Transfer Molded SMD Type IPM for Home Appliance Application

Jian Chen, Mitsubishi Electric GEM Power Device (Hefei) Co., Ltd,, China

A transfer molded SMD type IPM for low power home appliance application. Base on RC-IGBT technology and smaller package size, it achieved high performance and low cost. Good terminal position make PCB pattern design more easily. By using surface mount equipment instead of manual work, production efficiency will be improved better.
10:25 A New Generation of Minimized 1200V Intelligent Power Module for the Low and Medium Power Motor Drive Applications

Adam Lee, ON Semiconductor, South Korea

This paper presents a new generation of 1200V IPM (Intelligent Power Module) in minimized DIP (Dual-in line-Package) of transfer molded type with extremely high thermal conductive type of DBC (Direct Bond Copper), which combines with the features of ON Semi’s rugged trench technology IGBT, fast reverse recovery diodes and optimized gate drivers to achieve the excellent solution for up to 3kW motor drives. This paper provides an overall description of the new generation of 1200V IPM as well as electrical characteristics, package structure, thermal performance and allowable power ratings.
10:50 Coffee Break
11:05 Low power loss level-shifter based gate driver ICs enable high frequency switching

Jinsheng Song, Infineon Technologies Americas Corp., USA

In power electronics field, high switching frequency can offer certain benefit for the applications and systems. But this will increase the power loss of driver IC. To achieve the high switching frequency, new driver IC technology is required. Infineon SOI technology is one of the key enabler for level-shifter based gate driver IC which provides low power loss, good noise im-munity and high reliability. This paper presents the advantage of Infineon SOI gate driver technology, and its benefits for applications.
High Power next Core (HPnC) package with 3.3kV SiC Hybrid chip combination

Yusuke Sekino, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd, Japan

Recently main requirements for power conversion system are further downsizing and higher efficiency. To satisfy these
requirements, enhanced power density of power modules should be the key to succeed. In this paper, 3.3kV SiC-Hybrid
module with High Power next Core package, which can realize lower switching loss than Silicone, has been described.