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Tuesday, 26 June 2018, 12:10-14:00
Chairperson: Dr. Dapeng Zheng, Shenzhen Hopewind Electric, CHN

Low Inductance 3.3kV/1800A High Power IGBT Module

Daohui Li , Dynex , UK

This paper presents a new module of 3.3kV/1800A IGBT module with standard 140mmX190mm.  In this new module package design, new internal design and assembly processes have been utilised during the development of high voltage module package. Newly designed with lower inductance and higher reliability than the currently widely utilized 3.3kV/1500A rating modules. Overall parasitic parameters for module packaging have been successfully extracted and simulated together with IGBT/FRD chips model to investigate steady/dynamic performance in the design stage. The structure optimisations have been carried out with the assistance of powerful 3D simulation packages regarding to electromagnetic, electrical, thermal/mechanical aspects.
Rugged Automotive IGBTs for Reliable Electronic Ignition

Gianluca Vincenzo Aureliano, STMicroelectronics, China

Improved automotive application-specific IGBTs utilize the most advanced PowerMESH™ technology that is STMicroelectronics proprietary process. This planar punch-through (PT) technology offers several key performance benefits, including higher latch-up capability and SCIS ruggedness, which make the AEC Q101 planar PT IGBTs very good candidates for the design of a pencil coil electronic ignition switch
Ruggedness Evaluation of Low Voltage Trench MOSFET against Repetitive Avalanche

Barry Wynne, Nexperia UK Ltd, UK

This paper introduces an evaluation system for rating the repetitive avalanche performance of MOSFETs, which is close to a typical real life application in both frequency and avalanche energy. Using this evaluation system, the wear out mechanisms due to off state repetitive avalanche are investigated for different device technologies, giving an insight into the ruggedness of these different device technologies and their suitability to demanding applications.
High Performance 2nd Generation Trench Schottky Diodes for Switch Mode Power Supplies

Aibin Hu, WeEn Semiconductors, China

As a leading player in the semiconductors industry, WeEn focus on developing a complete portfolio of industry-leading bipolar power products including silicon controlled rectifiers, power diodes, high voltage transistors, silicon carbide diodes, which are widely accepted by customers. Based on customer’s request, we now developed 2nd generation Schottky diodes, which has lower VF and leakage current and can be used in various power supplies.
Innovative Protection Concept for Single Ended Parallel Resonant Induction Heaters

Bryan Tian, Infineon Technologies China Co., Ltd, China

This paper presents an innovative concept implemented in an integrated power device to protect a discrete IGBT against most critical test conditions such as over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature among others. This innovative integration approach solves main issues of Single Ended Parallel Resonant (SEPR) induction heating (IH) cookers, but it opens opportunities for many other applications as well.
Calculating On-State Voltage Drop of Bipolar Semiconductors using the αβ-Model

Stefan Wettengel, TU Dresden, Germany

The commonly used bipolar semiconductor on-state model for calculating the on-state voltage drop of thyristors and diodes consists of a threshold voltage and a slope resistance. A more detailed approach is the ABCD model. The αβ-Model offers a new and easy way for accurate voltage drop calculations including temperature dependency which are for example needed to calculate the mismatch of current sharing, including junction temperature difference, in parallel operation of bipolar semiconductors with negative temperature coefficient.
Evaluation of Active Current Source Gate Driver for IGBT Module Switching Transitions

Bing Ji, University of Leicester, UK, UK

With IGBT power modules approaching their silicon physical limits, gate drivers can potentially improve their performance beyond the state-of-art. This paper has discussed the potential of advanced current source (CS) driven gate drive high power IGBT modules. Apart the optimal design of semiconductors, packaging and converter layout, the performance of an IGBT module has largely relied on its gate drive strategy with advanced control. An advanced gate current driving strategy can reliably improve the switching performance of IGBTs by extending the operational envelope and exploiting the full potential of a power semiconductor device. A comparative study of candidate CS circuits with different circuit implementation options has been conducted and examined. Their pros and cons have been discussed in the context of active gate drive control.
Extended life time of new IGBT module for traction applications

Volker Demuth, SEMIKRON GmbH&Co. KG, Germany

A new standard power semiconductor module with extended lifetime for traction applications is presented. Using sophisticated key technologies like sinter die attach and an improved wire bonding, the power cycle capability can be increased by a factor of 2-3 compared to conventional package technologies for traction. Not only the overall product lifetime is extended but also the robustness under overload conditions is greatly increased,  leading to lower life cycle cost and higher power density.
Status and Trend of SiC device Power module Packaging

Fang Qi, Dynex, UK

In this paper, the technical development of and trends in power module packaging are evaluated by examining technical details with examples of current market module package products. The issues and development directions for future SiC device power module packaging are also discussed. For meet the requirements for SiC power module packaging challenges to discuss new design with lower module stray inductance, high reliability package material, advanced cooling and high voltage insulation material.
New package design to enhance the reliability performance of power module


Reliability performance is a very important factor when power module works at bad working environment, it raise a high requirement to package design of power module. This paper introduced IMB and SLC technologies in package design and related contribution to reliability performance of power module.
Power Factor Corrected LED Direct AC Driver with Self-Adaptive Control

Roy Mi, On Semiconductor Corp., USA

This article presents a novel LED Direct AC Driver (DACD) technology. It is intended for making cost-effective, compact LED driver design with high performance.
High reliability and robust monolithic 1200 V three phase gate driver with integrated bootstrap diode for multiple applications

Jinsheng Song, Infineon Technologies Americas Corp., USA

Higher integration level and higher performance are two important goals for level shifter based driver ICs. Infineon SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator) technology offers integrated bootstrap diodes and lower level shifter losses, which provide higher reliability, low power dissipation, compact PCB design, and lower overall BOM cost. This paper describes the new Infineon 1200 V three-phase driver IC, and its superior performance and robustness. System applications can significantly benefit from this new gate driver IC.