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Poster Gallery Poster session for Wednesday

Wednesday, 26 June 2019
Chairperson: Dr. Yan Zhang, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

Power Module Application Test System Setup in 3 Levels ANPC Solar Inverter

Elvis Zeng, ON Semiconductor, China

The three-level (3L) Active Neutral Point Clamped (ANPC) topology was proposed in 2001 and it can overcome the uneven loss distribution issue by replacing the clamping diodes of the NPC with active switches with anti-parallel diodes. Due to its obvious advantage compare to NPC topology, the ANPC power module is becoming very popular in the market. In order to understand more about the performance of power module, it is necessary to have an actual inverter system to simulate all kinds of conditions in the field, based on this need, an application test system with 3 phase ANPC has been developed, which can test with more modules compare to single phase at same time, to perform test such as burn in test, junction temperature test and so on, with this system level test platform, all kinds of test can be performed.

Using IGBT with antiparallel diode in SOT223 package

Bryan Tian, Infineon Technologies, China

The need for improved power density and lower cost is pushing designers to find new and innovative alternatives to traditional design choices especially. One area where significant cost savings can be found is in the design and packaging choice for high-voltage power switches such as IGBTs for low power home appliances below 300W. Alternative package concepts are under consideration to allow shrink of board spaces, but also to offer products with reduced costs to enable system cost down possibilities. Therefore, the SOT-223 package is discussed in this paper as an alternative package solution for IGBT products for the major home appliance (MHA) market.

pH Neutral Cleaning Agents – Market Expectation & Field Performance

Jianguang Ji, Zestron, China

This paper details power module applications including qualification tests, failure mechanisms and considerations for cleaning processes. Subsequent to its release, engineered aqueous based cleaning agents have been incorporated into power module manufacturing processes. Several customer case studies highlighting this cleaning alternative and the reliability impact on the process are detailed within this paper.

Research on Current Balance of MOSFET Multi – tube Parallel Connection

Ming Gao, Shanghai Maritime University, China

The motor drive system is taken as the application object, and makes a detailed analysis on the phenomenon of current imbalance in the case of multi-tube parallel connection of MOSFET, analyzes the reasons influencing the current imbalance in the multi-tube parallel connection of MOSFET circuit from the aspects of line wiring and device parameters, and puts forward the methods for solving the current imbalance. Finally, the effectiveness of the method is verified by the simulation of equivalent circuit and the experiment of actual circuit.

Electromagnetic analysis of Press Pack IEGT with Transient Skin and Proximity Effects

Siyang Dai, Dalian University of Technology, China

The press pack injection enhanced gate transistor (PP-IEGT) has been widely implemented in high voltage DC applications. Electrical and thermal performance of a PP-IEGT are the main keys to investigate its reliability and lifespan. In this paper, electromagnetic performance of each chip is carried out with skin and proximity effects during the turn-on transient. Finite element analysis is applied to illustrate current and magnetic flux density distribution within the PP-IEGT. In terms of chip location, simulation results present different power loss of each chip. The gap distance between chips is also discussed based on electromagnetic performance

A 1200V/400A Hybrid Module with Si-IGBT and SiC-MOSFET Development

Han Cao, Institute of Electrical Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Compared with Si IGBT, there is no conductance modulation effect in SiC MOSFET which makes it a higher conduction loss. However, SiC MOSFET can be operated in higher frequency on account of its low switching loss. Based on this method, Hybrid Switch (HyS) combines both advantages of Si IGBT and SiC MOSFET, and the cost is closer to Si IGBT. Also, a gate driver circuit with Miller Clamp is designed and applied for 1200V/400A HyS.

Rectifier Design for Frequency Converters using Thyristor or Diode Modules in Parallel Connection

Stefan Wettengel, TU Dresden, Germany

It can be advantageous in certain cases, to use a parallel connection of thyristor or diode modules instead of press-pack devices. The previously presented αβ-Model had so far been experimentally validated with single, sinusoidal current half-waves; in this paper, the model is further validated. Based on this model, a simulative investigation of module parallel connection is performed which leads to advice on how to optimize a practical rectifier design for a minimal current sharing mismatch.

Research on SiC MOSFET Application in 500kW PV Inverter

Bo Hu, Mitsubishi Electric& Electronics, China

The power module based on SiC semiconductor material has the advantages of low on-state resistance, low switching loss and low thermal resistance, so SiC power modules is more suitable for the application with high frequency, high temperature, high efficiency etc. As the key components of photovoltaic grid-connected inverters, power devices play a crucial role in circuit structure design and machine performance. In order to verify the advantages of SiC power modules, we take photovoltaic grid-connected inverter as an example.

Advantages of Silicon Carbide MOSFET in automotive DC-DC converter

Cheng Liu, Shenzhen BASiC Semiconductor, China

DC-DC converter is a key component to provide power support for vehicle-mounted auxiliary equipment such as air conditioning and lights in the new energy vehicles. Its efficiency, weight, size and other indicators have a significant impact on the performance, weight and user experience of the vehicle. Test result and application of Silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFET in DC-DC are introduced in this paper. The advantages of SiC MOSFET in DC-DC were confirmed through a comparative analysis of system performance by using SiC and Si MOSEFT.

A Prospect of Hybrid Planar Power Module

Tianshu Yuan, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

The structure and production process of a hybrid planar power module of power semiconductor switch including SiC MOSFET in paralleling with Si IGBT will be presented. It will be illustrated in the experiment of double-pulse that hybrid planar power module is competitive in comparing with hybrid power module in traditional package.

New HVIC circuit topology to improve FTB immunity with 650V/50A IGBT IPM for Industrial Applications

Hidetomo Ohashi, Fuji Electric, Japan