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Special session “Electric Vehicle”

Tuesday, 26 June 2018                                                            
Chairperson: Prof. Zhihong Wu, Tongji University, China

14:00 New Energy Vehicle Power Electronics Technology Development Situation and Requirements Trends

Yongjie Han, SAIC Motor, China

1 New Energy Vehicle Development Trends
2 The evolution process of new energy vehicle's demand for power and electronics
3 Application status of power electronics technology in new energy vehicles
4 Development trend of new energy vehicle demand for power electronics technology
14:25 Investigation of SiC MOSFET applications in electric vehicle

Tao  Wu, United Automotive Electronics Systems Company, China

With the rapid development of silicon carbide (SiC) material quality, SiC power devices are gaining tremendous attentions in electric vehicle applications. Since the SiC MOSFET has the advantages of low switching losses and high operation junction temperature, SiC-based motor drive controller has been recognized as the enabling technology to manufacture the high-performance vehicle whilst maintaining the competitive prices. This presentation would firstly give the introduction of the advantages of SiC PEU. The cost comparisons between Si-IGBT PEU and SiC-MOFET PEU would also be given. The general feasibility study of the vehicle cost reduction would also be given. At the power device level, the commercial available SiC power module and the corresponding packaging would also be given. The conduction and switching losses between the Si IGBT and SiC power MOSFET are also given. The conversion efficiency improvement by the SiC power module would also be presented. In order to achieve high switching speed of the SiC power MOSFET, the power supply architecture design and the advanced gate driver with the self-protection and diagnostic capability is also proposed to meet the high performance driving capability. Finally, the potential system benefit of the SiC PEU is also summarized
14:50 Yongjian Pan, Shanghai-Edrive, China
15:30 tbc tbc, tbc, China