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Welcome to PCIM Asia!

Like PCIM Europe, which takes place annually in Nuremberg in Germany, the PCIM (short for Power Conversion, Intelligent Motion) event in China is an international meeting ground for specialists in power electronics and its applications in drive technologies and power quality.


The event offers a chance to see the latest developments in power electronics components and systems. The strong link between conference and exhibition guarantees the high quality of the show. This unique combination fosters the fast and easy exchange between industry and science, for which PCIM Asia is famous.

This is where experts from industry and academia meet, where new trends and developments are presented to the public for the very first time. In this way, the event mirrors the entire value chain - from components, drives control and packaging to the final intelligent system.

● PCIM Asia is an international exhibition and conference focusing on power electronic device industry chain in Asia. It is the first choice platform for domestic and foreign well-known device manufacturers to release new products and latest technologies. A number of enterprises in the field of electronic materials, inductive components and passive component products will debut in PCIM Asia for the first time.

● PCIM Asia Conference is highly praised for its in-depth discussion of the latest industrial scientific research achievements with the combination of academics and industries.

● Forum Introduction

- Industry Forum
1. New energy development under the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals
2. Eletrical Transportation technology in the era of Industry 4.0

- Exhibitor Forum
1. Power Electronics Application Forum
2. The 3rd Generation Semiconductor Forum

● Thematic areas
-E-mobility Zone
-The 3rd Generation Semiconductor Zone
-Newcomer Pavilion
-University Zone

The tendency of development in regard to future power electronics systems is characterised by:

  • Increase of system power density
  • Improvement of electrical efficiency
  • Toughness and reliability of components and systems
  • Higher flexibility and cost minimization of systems by using “digital power electronics”


Participants' comments

“PCIM Asia celebrates its 20th anniversary this year and we support the fair every edition, so this is our 20th time participating. This fair is the most professional exhibition for power semiconductor products in China. Our core clients including Gree, Midea, Hisense, Inovance and INVT visited our booth to network and exchange industry & technical knowledge. And since this fair is held in South China which is an important area for home appliances, and Mitsubishi Electric is relatively strong in power semiconductors for home appliances, our customers are more focused on these products. They are also interested in our new wide bandgap power semiconductors.”

“We participate in PCIM Asia every year because it is considered the most professional fair in the industry, and the visitors are also quite qualified as most of them focus on R&D. Especially for smaller businesses, PCIM Asia provides a good communication channel which I think is the greatest value of this fair. The quality of customers at this fair is quite high. In fact, many of the visitors to our booth are both our partners and customers.”

“We came to PCIM Asia because the show is very well known and has a leading role in the industry, especially in the power semiconductor sector. The big names in the industry are present here, including from many power device related industries such as solar, wind power, EVs and batteries, including Huawei, so I believe the fair is very influential.”

“PCIM Asia is one of the biggest shows in the industry, so many of our domestic and international peers will come as well. We also attended some of the conferences and seminars here, and we have technical experts from our company who also give speeches. There are some very good electronic power manufacturers based in Shenzhen, so that is an advantage of moving the fair here.”

“We attend PCIM in Europe every year. PCIM Asia is the most professional platform to launch products and interact with industry players in the regional power electronics industry, and all the well-known or new local companies are using this platform to showcase their products. There are a lot of Pearl River Delta companies that have a high demand for power electronics applications, so it is advantageous to hold the fair in Shenzhen.”

“We provide supporting equipment for many industrial device manufacturers. There are a lot of potential customers here, and we have reached our goals after day one. A lot of them are interested in our high-cost test equipment. The fair is very influential in the power device and motor drive industries, so every year there are new manufacturers joining, and new technologies and solutions are announced here. We also see a lot of foreigners joining this fair, including Europeans, Americans, Japanese and others from Asian countries.”

“Despite the impact of the pandemic, the number of visitors to the conference and fair seems to be higher than before, which shows that the theme and products of the seminars are very attractive for the audience. They can learn about the latest power electronics devices, technologies, applications and products, as well as the future trends through this international conference and fair. PCIM Asia attracts many of the world’s top companies, so it will play a role in facilitating the development of devices and applications in China.”

“I came here to learn about the development trends of power semiconductor technologies and new application scenarios. Experts and scholars from major mainstream companies and well-known universities are gathered here, so I had the opportunity to hear many manufacturers share and demonstrate new technological achievements and trends, which gave me a deeper and more systematic understanding of the industry and more comprehensive knowledge of the current state of technology development and future direction. PCIM Asia is a leading fair in the industry as it includes key industry players and allows us to find new technologies and information. Although it was my first visit to the show, I was so impressed that I will come back next year!”

“Looking at the arrangement of the fair, including the exhibitors and academic reports, I believe we are keeping up with the forefront of the industry and the hottest topics. This reflects the characteristics of PCIM Asia – the fair attaches great importance to promoting the industry’s development, including the upstream and downstream of the sector. The overall influence of this fair in the industry is very high. There is strong significance in holding a seminar as we are showing information that is of interest to everyone, while the fair is also a good platform for everyone to get together again and efficiently communicate with partners and industry peers.”

“This is my first time to visit PCIM Asia. We have been in touch with some suppliers and are planning to place orders with them later. As a leading fair for the industry, PCIM Asia is highly targeted and not only matches my sourcing needs, but also facilitates me to reach my sourcing goals efficiently. With the strong support and promotion of our country’s 14th Five-Year Plan, the development of new-energy is the future trend. We will also pay close attention to the direction of national policies, and follow the general direction of energy saving, improving production levels and enhancing production efficiency.”