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PCIM20 线上方案

Energise the future with power electronic

PCIM Asia Conference
16 – 18 November 2020 Shanghai, China More Info

Welcome to PCIM Asia!

Like PCIM Europe, which takes place annually in Nuremberg in Germany, the PCIM (short for Power Conversion, Intelligent Motion) event in China is an international meeting ground for specialists in power electronics and its applications in drive technologies and power quality.


The event offers a chance to see the latest developments in power electronics components and systems. The strong link between conference and exhibition guarantees the high quality of the show. This unique combination fosters the fast and easy exchange between industry and science, for which PCIM Asia is famous.

This is where experts from industry and academia meet, where new trends and developments are presented to the public for the very first time. In this way, the event mirrors the entire value chain - from components, drives control and packaging to the final intelligent system.

  • PCIM Asia is an international exhibition and conference focusing on power electronic device industry chain in Asia. It is the first choice platform for domestic and foreign well-known device manufacturers to release new products and latest technologies. A number of enterprises in the field of electronic materials, inductive components and passive component products will debut in PCIM Asia 2020 for the first time.
  • PCIM Asia Conference is highly praised for its in-depth discussion of the latest industrial scientific research achievements with the combination of academics and industries. This year, 72 papers will be delivered orally or by poster, with 10 distinguished invited speakers, the conference will present 8 oral sessions, 4 poster sessions, 3 keynotes, 1 special session and 1 tutorial. The highlighted topic in 2020 is 'E-Mobility and Infrastructure'. The agenda will be announced on the day. Please follow us for upcoming news.

  • Forum Introduction:

-- Power Electronics Application  Forum-- it's an excellent platform for enterprise new product and technology release and case sharing. The elite application engineers sent by exhibitors at home and abroad recommend the latest R & D products and solutions in China's power electronics market in the form of on-site presentations.

-- Electric Transport Forum-- it will be in cooperation with the electric vehicle zone, this forum will focus on the challenges and opportunities encountered by the application of electric and electronic technology in electric transport.


  • Thematic areas

-- E-mobility Zone

-- Energy Storage Zone

-- Posters Session Area ( part of the conference)

-- University Zone

-- Newcomer Pavilion

The tendency of development in regard to future power electronics systems is characterised by:

  • Increase of system power density
  • Improvement of electrical efficiency
  • Toughness and reliability of components and systems
  • Higher flexibility and cost minimization of systems by using “digital power electronics”


Participants' comments

“PCIM Asia is no doubt the most professional power electronics and power semiconductors related exhibition in China. The show is more popular this year, and it feels like there are 10% more visitors than last year. This year we launched five new products and the audience's response is very enthusiastic. We gave out all of our 800 leaflets in the first two days of the show.”

“In response to the current trends for power electronics and power devices, we have launched different products and test solutions this year, including our new dynamic test solution, which is very popular among the visitors. The visitors are really professional, so we are very satisfied. We also met our target customers at the show, enabling us to know more about the current industry trends and helping us to discover new opportunities.”

“Last year, we participated in PCIM Asia for the first time as a newcomer. This year we are in the E-mobility area. Although the scale of PCIM Asia is not as large as that of PCIM Europe, there are still many well-known companies in the industry here, and the professionalism of the exhibition is very high. This year's visitor flow has reached our expectations, and the quality of customers is relatively high. We have established more than 30 effective exchanges in one day, thus the efficiency of exhibiting here is very high.”

“This is our second time participating at PCIM Asia. Apart from the positive outcome and business leads collected at the previous edition, we returned again this year to further market ourselves as the leading supplier of specialty chemical solutions for electronic and electric industry. We would like to get in touch potential buyers, particularly industry experts on specific industry sectors we are not familiar with, for example power electronics and semiconductor applications and especially margining markets such as e-mobility (electronic vehicles), renewable energy in China, hence it is important for us to present ourselves here. Overall, the fair is very niche, focusing on power electronics and are delighted to see quite a bit of named brands exhibiting. There are quite a bit of exhibitors and interactions. Like its mother event, PCIM Asia serves a helpful platform on putting us in contact with engineers and R&D specialists to understand their specific needs. We value to the conversations we have with them to constantly make changes and revisions to our product.”

“I am pleased to say the level of speakers and attendees at the conference this year is extremely high. Like every year, the conference acts as a bridge for both industry experts and players to share their findings, while at the same time address the obstacles they face along the way, proposing ways to improve on their products. The information exchanged at the event helps drive industry growth to new heights. The show has been maintaining a good balance between academic discussions and displaying practical products. I am also very pleased to see both local and international university students participate, not only to learn but also to offer alternative insights to stimulate the power electronics industry.”

“I have been involved in the PCIM Asia Conference for more than a decade. One of the features of the conference is that it combines the production and application of the device with academic research. The theme this year covered many hot issues such as electric vehicles, which has attracted many participants. PCIM Asia is one of the most professional platforms for domestic power electronics technology in China. This convergence of domestic device manufacturers and users has greatly promoted the development of this industry.”

“It is my honour to be a Board of Directors member once again for the 2019 conference. This year we are proud to present an array of speakers and conference paper topics from both an academic and industry perspectives. One of the most interesting topics this year is silicon carbide technology. This technology hit the market a few years ago and was considered an impactful technology for the power electronics industry. Several years after, industry players and experts are highlighting the changes and challenges they are facing with this technology. This shows the importance of the PCIM Asia conference, converging experts under one roof to share revolutionary findings and challenging, which I think is the best way to drive the industry and technologies forward. Prior to the event, I have also connected with a number of domestic university professors and faculty member regarding PCIM Asia and do notice there are more student call for paper entries as well as student attendees during the conference. This shows that academia are slowly recognizing PCIM Asia, which again helps drive the industry as whole.”

“The technologies shared at PCIM Asia Conference are very advanced and provide a good guiding role for our future product development. I have gained a lot through the lectures by Zhejiang University and Infineon. Both were very suitable for our work, and conducive to the development of the entire industry. In recent years, various kinds of exhibitions have emerged in China, yet I can say the level of PCIM Asia and the Conference are at the top of the industry.”

“As our first time at the fair, PCIM Asia really fits our sourcing needs. We have already set up appointments with some of the exhibitors to visit our production facility to discuss future cooperation. This platform has opened up doors for us to source, connect and exchange insights with industry professionals. Overall, I am very pleased with the fair.”