Welcome to PCIM Asia!

Like PCIM Europe, which takes place annually in Nuremberg in Germany, the PCIM (short for Power Conversion, Intelligent Motion) event in China is an international meeting ground for specialists in power electronics and its applications in drive technologies and power quality.


The event offers a chance to see the latest developments in power electronics components and systems. The strong link between conference and exhibition guarantees the high quality of the show. This unique combination fosters the fast and easy exchange between industry and science, for which PCIM Asia is famous.

This is where experts from industry and academia meet, where new trends and developments are presented to the public for the very first time. In this way, the event mirrors the entire value chain - from components, drives control and packaging to the final intelligent system.

  • PCIM Asia is an international exhibition and conference focusing on power electronic device industry chain in Asia. It is the first choice platform for domestic and foreign well-known device manufacturers to release new products and latest technologies. A number of enterprises in the field of electronic materials, inductive components and passive component products will debut in PCIM Asia for the first time.
  • PCIM Asia Conference is highly praised for its in-depth discussion of the latest industrial scientific research achievements with the combination of academics and industries. In this edition, 43 papers were delivered orally or by poster, the conference presented 64 speeches in 5 oral sessions, 4 poster sessions, 3 keynotes,  2 Chinese sessions, 1 special session, 1 tutorial and 1 PCIM Europe session (Best of PCIM Europe digital days 2021). 
  • Forum Introduction:

-- Power Electronics Application  Forum-- it's an excellent platform for enterprise new product and technology release and case sharing. The elite application engineers sent by exhibitors at home and abroad recommend the latest R & D products and solutions in China's power electronics market in the form of on-site presentations.

-- Industry Forum-- it will be in cooperation with the E-mobility Zone and E-energy Zone, this forum will focus on the challenges and opportunities encountered by the application of energy storage and electronic technology in electric transport.


  • Thematic areas

-- E-mobility Zone

-- Energy Storage Zone

-- Posters Session Area ( part of the conference)

-- University Zone

-- Newcomer Pavilion

The tendency of development in regard to future power electronics systems is characterised by:

  • Increase of system power density
  • Improvement of electrical efficiency
  • Toughness and reliability of components and systems
  • Higher flexibility and cost minimization of systems by using “digital power electronics”


Participants' comments

“Mitsubishi Electric have been joining PCIM Asia for 19 years straight as the fair has a high level of professionalism. This year, the pandemic slowed the development of power electronics to some extent, but also brought some good outcomes. For example, the demands for industrial automation and clean energy have increased. As power electronics is a key technology for these sectors, these current trends have created a positive impact on power semiconductor business.”

“Infineon has been exhibiting in PCIM Asia for 19 years. We’ve always highly valued this important event in the electronic industry. It is an effective exchange platform between the academic and industry sectors, and the latest products presented by the sector have always been the biggest highlight of this fair.”

“PCIM Asia one of the most influential trading platforms for power electronics and applications. The fair is constantly able to draw the participation many named brands within the power electronics industry and at the same time attract many high quality potential buyers. What’s more is the event’s ability to gather many industry experts under one roof to exchange market insights and technical knowhow through its trading platform and also conference programme. In China, the impact of the pandemic is not as great compared to other countries. As mentioned before, due to the national government environmental policies, particularly for renewable and EV industries, there has been least 50% sales increase for power electronic related products for those industry sectors alone, hence we will be putting more effort in developing new and more efficient products along with other product lines in the years to come.”

“The reason for our repeated participating at PCIM Asia is the fact that the exhibition and conference not only fits the nature of our business but is also one of the most power electronics focused and influential trading platforms within the Asian region. Another reason for our annual visit is to have the opportunity to present our latest product and technological innovations with the rest of the industry.

“This is our first time exhibiting in PCIM China as this is a well-known fair in the industry, and our company would like to get in touch with more potential clients in the industry through this platform as well as explore new business opportunities. During the fair, we found that there are quite a lot of visitors are interested in our solutions.Lastly, we’re very satisfied with our exhibit result.

"We're here for the first time in PCIM Asia, which is a professional exhibition on power electronics. Our company is a service platform. At present, there are five Korean semiconductor companies acting as agents. They all happen to be power device companies. We found that PCIM Asia met the needs of these companies, so we came to participate. Just now a customer wants to open a high-power device products, also left a business card.”

“PCIM Asia has been one of the top power electronics events within the Asia region for quite some time. I am grateful that the fair could open given the pandemic, and from what I can see at the conference and exhibition areas, I consider it a great success. I notice there are more call for paper submissions, proving the importance of the conference platform. And I’m pleased to see many renowned brands, schools and research institutions here today to present their latest findings. What this platform does best is gather industry giants and talents under one roof. Apart from the conference, there are many leading brands at the exhibition, boosting industry confidence.”

“The PCIM Asia Conference is an effective platform to help convey my research findings to the industry experts here. What’s special about the conference is its ability to gather pretty much the entire power electronics sector to share and discuss the latest hot-button topics and technical issues in detail. Being able to share and present research findings as well as market insights is really beneficial in driving the industry forward. The conference has evolved from industry presentations to incorporating universities and research institutions to share their insights and latest findings, so it is a high-level event and is attended by experienced industry specialists. Overall I am really pleased that the conference and fair was able to successfully take place even with the global situation.”

“During this conference session, I was able to see some innovations about testing which are relevant to my work. The exhibition has also provided me an opportunity to gather the latest market intelligence, which is very helpful for my work. This is my second year joining PCIM Asia, and for the industry, it is a valuable trade platform. As most of our competitors also join this fair, we can learn more about their latest technologies.”

“Our company has sent 10 people to visit PCIM this year. The biggest benefits of visiting PCIM are to expand our company’s horizons, and learn more of what other peers are doing. From my experience the past two years, I believe that the professionalism of the fair is very strong, and it’s suitable for manufacturers to visit and learn the development of the industry, and can help to boost companies’ growth.”