Welcome to the PCIM Asia Conference 2024

PCIM Asia Conference 2024 will be held on 28 – 30 August in Shenzhen.


Established in 2002, PCIM Asia is the only specialised exhibition and conference platform in China for power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy, and Energy Management in the Asian market.

Topics of Interest
1. Advanced Power Semiconductors
2. Packaging and Reliability
3. Passive Components and Integration
4. AC/DC Converter
5. DC/DC Converter
6. Digital Power Conversion
7. Motor Drive & Motion Control
8. High Frequency Power Electronic Converters and Inverters
9. Automotive Power Electronics and Electrified Transportation
10. System Reliability
11. Power Quality Solutions
12. Smart Grid Power
13. Power Electronics in Transmission Systems Electronics

—Addresses the hot topics in e-mobility, silicon carbide, wide bandgap, charging station and more.
—To facilitate knowledge exchange, explore emerging best practices and spur business development among the global community.
—Convergence of information and operational technologies and industry-wide trends.

PCIM Asia Conference Advisory board

Leo Lorenz, ECPE, DE


Enrique J. Dede, Smart Induction Converter Technologies, ES
Naoto Fujishima, Fuji Electric, JP
Yongdong Li, Tsinghua University, CN
Jinjun Liu, Xi´an Jiaotong University, CN
Gourab Majumdar, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, JP
Abhijit D. Pathak, ADP-Power LLC, USA
Norbert Pluschke, Semikron Danfoss, HKSAR, CN
Xinbo Ruan, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, CN
Tianhao Tang, Shanghai Maritime University, CN
Dehong Xu, Zhejiang University, CN
Dianguo Xu, Harbin Institute of Technology, CN
Jianping Ying, Delta Electronics, CN
Dapeng Zheng, Shenzhen Hopewind Electric, CN

Jean-Paul Beaudet, Schneider Electric, FR
Min Chen, Zhejiang University, CN
Youngchul Choi, Panjit International, USA
Ziying Chen, Infineon Technologies, CN
Jinsong Kang, Tongji University, CN
Yong Kang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, CN
Teng Liu, China Southern Power Grid Electric Power Research Institute, CN
Haihui Luo, Zhuzhou CRRC Times Semiconductor, CN
Yu-Kang Lo, LITE-ON Technology, TW, CN
Meiqin Mao, Hefei University of Technology, CN
Gaosheng Song, Great China Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor, CN
Yi Tang, Starpower Semiconductor, CN
Shunli Wang, Southwest University of Science and Technology, CN
Xuhui Wen, Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, CN
James Yin-Chin Wu, Hosonic Electronic Corporation Group, TW, CN
Lie Xu, Tsinghua University, CN
Gang Yao, Shanghai Maritime University, CN
Xing Zhang, Hefei University of Technology, CN
Guoqiang Zhang, Harbin Institute of Technology, CN
Miao Zhu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, CN