Welcome to PCIM Asia!

Like PCIM Europe, which takes place annually in Nuremberg in Germany, the PCIM (short for Power Conversion, Intelligent Motion) event in China is an international meeting ground for specialists in power electronics and its applications in drive technologies and power quality.


The event offers a chance to see the latest developments in power electronics components and systems. The strong link between conference and exhibition guarantees the high quality of the show. This unique combination fosters the fast and easy exchange between industry and science, for which PCIM Asia is famous.

This is where experts from industry and academia meet, where new trends and developments are presented to the public for the very first time. In this way, the event mirrors the entire value chain - from components, drives control and packaging to the final intelligent system.

● PCIM Asia is an international exhibition and conference focusing on power electronic device industry chain in Asia. It is the first choice platform for domestic and foreign well-known device manufacturers to release new products and latest technologies. A number of enterprises in the field of electronic materials, inductive components and passive component products will debut in PCIM Asia for the first time.

● PCIM Asia Conference is one of the most influential and user-driven platform for power electronics in Asia,  which held alongside the exhibition. The conference gathers the world's leading industry experts from the R&D departments of companies and academic institutions to present the latest power electronics applications and take part in technical discussions to help drive the industry forward.

● Forum Introduction

- Exhibitor Forum
1. Power Electronics Application Forum
Exhibitors have the opportunity to present their most recent product innovations and solutions for China power electronics market, showcasing a trend summit, new product releases, technical training, product demonstrations and business matchmaking, etc in the power electronics application forum.

2. WBG Semiconductor Forum
This event will focus on the Wide Bandgap Devices market, supply chain and technologies including SiC and GaN power devices.

- Industry Forum
Invited experts from well-known universities, scientific research institutions and manufacturing enterprises will gathering to discuss the hot topics such as digital low-carbon, energy management system and so on.

● Thematic Pavilion
-E-mobility Zone: Power electronics technology is critical to the development of the electric vehicle industry. Especially with the gradual improvements of technologies and solutions in the field of power trains, smart battery management, on-board charging, and DC/DC converters, the electric vehicle industry has gained rapid development. The E-mobility zone is a special display area customized for power electronic enterprises engaged in the application of new energy vehicles.

-WBG Semiconductor Zone: Represented by SiC and GaN, the WBG semiconductor materials is growing rapidly in many fields, for its high frequency, efficiency, and power density. The WBG Semiconductor Zone will gather SiC and GaN technology display, business matching making with users and buyers from new energy vehicles, photovoltaics, energy storage, charging and high-end power.

-Newcomer Pavilion: We offer first-time exhibitors a cost-aware participation at PCIM Asia.

-University Zone: PCIM Asia provides a platform for the industry’s colleges, scientific research institutions and student teams to exhibit and meet with the industry’s leading corporates, in an effort to encourage both parties and create more possibilities together. 

The tendency of development in regard to future power electronics systems is characterised by:

  • Increase of system power density
  • Improvement of electrical efficiency
  • Toughness and reliability of components and systems
  • Higher flexibility and cost minimization of systems by using “digital power electronics”


Participants' comments

“This is my second time attending PCIM Asia, and I feel like the fair has grown since, and is growing towards the size of PCIM Europe. The response has been really good, and the whole morning our booth was full. Just like in Europe, people are enjoying being back and interacting with their suppliers and customers. For me PCIM is the number one show for power electronics and we will very likely come back for the next edition of PCIM Asia.”

“PCIM is one of the most important power electronics shows in the world, we participate every year at PCIM Europe but this is our first time attending PCIM Asia. So far on day one we’ve had a very positive response with a lot of visitors at our booth and we’ve had meaningful discussions with potential clients. Our target customers are engineers in the industrial and automotive sectors, and we found many people from these two sectors showing interest in our booth. Next year we will consider bringing even more solutions to PCIM Asia 2024.”

“This is our second time exhibiting at PCIM Asia and our booth is significantly larger in comparison with the previous edition. We have noticed that this year’s show has seen an increase in foreign visitors, as well as teams of professional clients. Our company specialises in wide bandgap semiconductors and so PCIM Asia has given us the platform for showcasing our technology, while also engaging with clients and suppliers in the power electronics industry.”

“All the topics we are addressing at the conference are key trends in power electronics, especially here in China, where energy-related and mobility topics are the future. We are just at the beginning of the conference, and you can already see the discussions firing up, with many experts attending and asking the right questions, so I’m really happy with this edition so far.”

“So far the conference looks great, people are very engaged, and I could see all the seats were taken with lots of people waiting and standing during the presentation. In my presentation I talked about wide bandgap materials and in particular GaN, and what can make GaN successful in the field, by addressing the remaining issues of fragility and ease of use. I see potential for GaN everywhere, China has some very good companies and I can see it growing, so there is a lot of potential for this material here.”

“My presentation was on wide bandgap semiconductor packaging and integration. This is my first time at PCIM Asia, and I’ve been able to walk around the fair and it’s amazing to see all the new companies as well the traditional brands, so it’s really exciting to see the growth of power electronics. I think PCIM provides a space where all of us from both industry and academia can come together which is essential, especially in this revolutionary time for power electronics.”

“Our company specialises in power semiconductors and this is our first time visiting the fair. We are particularly interested in learning about the latest market trends and technologies within this industry. The exhibitors we spoke to provided us with invaluable market insights as well as up-to-date technical information. We also attended a few seminars and I really appreciate the fact that the speakers are industry leaders and experts in their fields, and so we have greatly benefited from our visit today.”