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Young Engineer Award

The Young Engineer Award goes to the best lecture of an engineer not older than 35 years and will be also honoured in the PCIM Asia Conference.  

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The Winner in 2023 is: 

Yayong Yang, Zhiqiang Wang, Yimin Zhou, Guoqing Xin, Xiaojie Shi, Yong Kang, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

Title: An Accurate 3D Thermal Simulation Method Based on Neural Network-Aided Power Loss Model

Summary of the paper
In this paper, an accurate electro-thermal co-simulation method based on the data-driven neural network power loss model is proposed to overcome the problem of low simulation accuracy caused by the inaccuracy input power loss. Firstly, methods for building neural network power loss models and automating data extraction are introduced. Then, an indirect coupling strategy is applied for the bidirectional coupling between the power loss model and the thermal model. Finally, the comparison between simulation and experimental results demonstrates the validity of the proposed method, which gives a mismatch below 5%.

Winner in 2022
Chengmin Li, Jing Sheng, Drazen Dujic, EPFL, Switzerland

Winner in 2021
Tomohiro Isono, Fuji Electric, Japan

Winner in 2020
Christoph Lüdecke, Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Winner in 2019
Yuki Tono, Osaka Institute of Technology, Japan

Winner in 2018
Zhongda Li, United Silicon Carbide, USA

Winner in 2017
Xing Zhang, Hefei University of Technology, China

Winner in 2016
Hiroki Yoshikawa, Osaka University, Japan

Winner in 2015
Hongyao Long, University of Sheffield, Great Britain

Winner in 2014
Ziwei Ouyang, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Winner in 2013
Takashi Saito, Fuji Electric Systems Co., Ltd, Japan

Winner in 2012
Roger Chen, Vincotech China, China

Winner in 2011
Junyi Liu, University of Nottingham, the United States

Winner in 2010
Daniel Wojciechowski, Gdynia Maritime University, Poland

Winner in 2009
Wang Yifeng, Harbin Institute of Technology, China