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SiC Technologies for Efficient and Reliable Application

Tuesday afternoon, 26 June 2018
Chairperson: Dr. Naoto Fujishima, Fuji Electric, Japan

14:00 3.3kV/500A SiC Power Module for Railway Traction Application

Haotao Ke, Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric, China

A 3.3kV/500A all SiC power module is presented for railway traction application. The static and dynamic performances of the SiC module is characterized at room and elevated temperature.
14:25 USCi SiC JFET Cascode and Super Cascode Technologies

Zhongda Li, United Silicon Carbide, USA

This paper presents an in-depth tutorial of the SiC cascode and super cascode technology from USCi. The 1200V/650V SiC cascodes feature the easy-to-use gate drive, high-performance integrated body diodes, and low switching loss, and are suitable for applications such as OBC and DC-DC in electrical vehicles and beyond. For high voltage (>3kV), USCi’s unique super cascode technology provides cost and performance superiority over traditional solutions.
14:50 Parallel Connection of Silicon Carbide MOSFETs for Electric Vehicle Application

Wei Liu, ZF Japan Co., Ltd., Japan

Compared to conventional Si semiconductor devices, SiC-based semiconductors have lower loss and can operate at higher frequencies as well as endure higher voltages and temperatures.
The superior properties of silicon carbide (SiC) power semiconductor devices compared with silicon (Si) devices are expected to have a significant impact on hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV). ZF is not only making its transmissions, steering systems, braking systems and actuators more efficient through electrification, but also making electronic invertor research and development actively. ZF developed the paralleled 6 SiC-MSOFETs inverter, and make the current unbalance less than 3%.
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15:30 A Reliable Gate Driver with Desaturation and Over-Voltage Protection Circuits for SiC MOSFET

Shan Yin, China Academy of Engineering Physics, China

The high switching speed and large pulse current of SiC MOSFET require a reliable and fast gate driver with protection circuits. In this work, a gate driver with desaturation and over-voltage protection circuits is designed for SiC MOSFET based on the off-the-shelf driver IC. It is experimentally verified by subjecting SiC MOSFET to the hard switching fault with a fixed DC-bus voltage of 600 V. This gate driver shows a response time (fault current on to completely off) of 2.2 μs, and the voltage overshoot issue is suppressed with a clamped voltage at 780 V.